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Knowledge is the prereq of democracy.

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MD Primary - June 24
MD General Election - Nov. 4

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St. Mary's College of Maryland Political Science Faculty 2012Super PAc Motto: Treasure None But Your Vote, One Vote At A Time

Link to 2014 Primary Sample Ballots Super PAC Brochure PDF


We are a non-profit, independent-expenditure-only (a Super PAC) political committee. The focus of the Super PAC is to provide information and other resources for voters nationally and is also concerned with voter access (ability to vote and voter turnout). Please see our Voter Survival Kit. We also advocate taking real action on global warming and are concerned about money's increasing influence in politics and its reach over cultural factors such as the media, arts, and Internet. We are concerned about the corrupting influence of money over election outcomes since the courts' recent application of free speech protection to exceptional contributions by corporations and the extremely wealthy. We are concerned about existing loopholes that allow this to happen anonymously through social welfare corporations, for example. Our Treasurer is Susan Grogan, a professor of political science at a small liberal arts college in Maryland.

Most of the content on this website was prepared by students and alum of St. Mary's College of Maryland. Student websites and blogs which are hosted and paid for by the Super PAC are linked at the top of the left menu under Class Websites. Professor Grogan's American Politics class will be actively blogging spring semester 2014. It is expected that this class will conduct the first state-wide political poll at the college as a test-run for a fall semester 2014 class centered around a new classroom environment project called The Maryland Poll, or MPoll. for short, which is not affiliated with this Super PAC.

The Maryland Poll is included in the listing of links under Public Opinion Polls also at the left. The MPoll project and Super PAC classroom components both are meant to foster civic engagement and to create a rich web-writing environment. During Fall 2014, students in a second Parties and Elections class will be blogging and will serve as Election Judges on Election Day.

Fall 2014 student blogs associated with the Maryland Poll project will be hosted at mpoll.org also found at the left. Both the Fall 2014 Maryland Poll and Parties and Elections classes will be supported in part by Mellon Grants on Service Learning to cover the Experiencing Liberal Arts in the World (civic engagement) components. Drop in and feel free to comment and ask questions or further the discussions!

Technically, much of what is described here and what else goes on in Professor Grogan's classes obviously would have nothing to do with this Super PAC. But the Super PAC, as part of its educational focus, does contribute toward some classroom projects such as hosting student websites. Having a political committee also can be a door opener for student involvement in politics at times.

Super PACs are essentially checkbooks that are regulated by the Federal Election Commission. Thus, I wish to be clear that We Just Want Stephen Colbert To Come To Our College SuperPac does not and will not ever receive any grant monies or college funds. Personal donations are welcome and not tax deductible as stated in the required disclaimer below.