We Just Want Stephen Colbert
To Come To Our College SuperPac

dedicated to public service

in the interest of voters

and democratic participation

This is a Legacy Site, Super PAC was renamed 18-24 February 2015

Knowledge is the prereq of democracy.

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MD Primary - June 24
MD General Election - Nov. 4

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We Just Want Stephen Colbert To Come To Our College SuperPac

This is a legacy site, Super PAC was renamed 18-24 in Februrary 2015

St. Mary's College of Maryland Political Science Faculty 2012Super PAc Motto: Treasure None But Your Vote, One Vote At A Time

Super PAC 2012 Press Release announcing our Colbertesque birth Link to Information about Primary Ballots Super PAC Brochure PDF Link to April 10-13 Maryland Poll Findings



We are a non-profit, independent-expenditure-only (a Super PAC) political committee. The focus of the Super PAC is to provide information and other resources for voters nationally. The Super PAC is also concerned with voter access (ability to vote and voter turnout). Please see our Voter Survival Kit. Our Treasurer is Susan Grogan, a professor of political science at a small liberal arts college in Maryland.

Most of the content on this website was prepared by students and alum of St. Mary's College of Maryland who have various political persuasions. We do our best to present information fairly and in a nonpartisan fashion. The Super PAC chose to focus on voter access to appeal to a broad range of constituents. Unfortunately, since we began this project, it seems the ability of people to register to vote and vote has become somewhat of a partisan contest. We merely think that democracy is better served if citizens can and do participate.

Why Did We Name Ourselves We Just Want Stephen Colbert To Come To Our College SuperPac?

Our stance toward Stephen Colbert is intentionally ambiguous for purposes of nonpartisanship (and a bit of humor). The name of our Super PAC (as well as its motto with the silver turtle) makes a bit of fun of Stephen Colbert's Treasure Hunt. Colbert's Treasure Hunt was part of the Colbert Super PAC Super Fun Packs he encouraged college students to purchase in order to start their own campus-based Super PACs. As an enticement to purchase his Super PAC Fun Packs, Colbert had offered that the winner of his Treasure Hunt (who found a silver turtle hidden somewhere in the USA) would win a free visit by Colbert to the campus of their choice. Our June 2012 Press Release issued right after we filed organization papers with the FEC makes this a bit more clear. As far as we know, we may be the lone survivor of about 20 or so Colberteasque Super PACs that formed during early to mid-2012.

What does the Super PAC do?

The Super PAC mainly hosts information resources here for voters and also provides resources to college students for civic engagement and web-writing projects. Student web-blogs that are hosted and paid for by the Super PAC are linked at the top of the left menu under Class Websites. Professor Grogan's American Politics class will be actively blogging spring semester 2014. This class conducted the first state-wide political poll at the college as a test-run for a fall semester 2014 class centered around a new classroom environment project called The Maryland Poll, or MPoll for short, which is not affiliated with this Super PAC.

What are Super PACs?

Super PACs are essentially checkbooks that are regulated by the Federal Election Commission. Thus, I wish to be clear that We Just Want Stephen Colbert To Come To Our College SuperPac does not and will not ever receive any grant monies or college funds. Personal donations are welcome and not tax deductible as stated in the required disclaimer below.